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The Best First Job I’ll Ever Have

Making television is fun, especially when you’re also making miracles.

NBC’s George to the Rescue is more than just an Emmy-winning human interest/home renovation TV series. It’s a living, breathing organism greater than the sum of its hearts. While nobody has a bigger heart than our peerless leader, George Oliphant, our team’s collective heartbeat is what makes this little show the biggest miracle I’ll ever be a part of.


Eight seasons of surprises, smiles, and tears reveal how passion and purpose can dramatically enrich countless lives. To date, we’ve spearheaded and showcased nearly ninety transformations in ten states for deserving families facing physical, emotional, financial, and spatial hardships. These families often include public servants who regularly give back to their respective communities. Whether supporting a three-time Purple Heart recipient in Compton, a loving mother/teacher battling ALS, or a recently paralyzed olympic gold medalist, every new George to the Rescue story extends a professional narrative that feels uniquely personal.

Although our remarkably lean and scrappy production team faces budgetary, manpower, and technical challenges, our desire to illuminate goodness consistently drives us towards greatness. Accolades are humbling (our recent trip to the national Daytime Emmys felt like Gonzaga’s bittersweet 2017 Final Four appearance), but belonging to such an eclectic and inclusive workplace family is a special gift.

Gifts are really what make the magic happen. Substantial donations of materials, talent, and time (from local/loyal contractors, designers, town officials, suppliers, and viewers) help create reality TV that’s surreal. Unrivaled generosity and selflessness allow us to simultaneously build lasting experiences, homes, and relationships.

It sometimes feels like I have a symbiotic relationship with this endeavorI joined as a 2010 summer intern, just as George to the Rescue was transitioning from an existing show segment to a standalone program. Since being hired as the production assistant in 2011, I’ve gradually evolved into a self-sufficient producer and adult. George, my production mentor/supervisor (Andrew Scerbo), our resourceful editors, steadfast executives, and visionary shooters have taught me more about creativity, empathy, leadership, self-reflection, and willpower than I could ever imagine. I try to appreciate, apply, and spread their values every single day. I know I’ll continue to do so for the rest of my career and life.

While it’s impossible to foresee how much longer my George to the Rescue run will continue, I’m eternally grateful for the opportunity to make meaningful entertainment that illuminates humanity’s most essential values – compassion and togetherness. This rare ability to positively influence culture is hard to walk away from.

The best first job I’ll ever have will surely be a tough act to follow.