Weekly Film & Music Picks #1

Every week, I’ll do my best to suggest some quality films and music for you to check out. It’s summer…and it won’t freakin’ stop raining! This combination should leave you with plenty of time to kill. You’re clearly bored enough to be reading my new blog (Thanks), so why not give some of these random selections a shot?

Falling Down (1993)
Easily my favorite Michael Douglas film. Have you ever had a bad day and thought you were just about to snap? Well, in this Joel Schumacher movie, Spartacus’s son portrays a Los Angeles everyman who does just that. Full of action, surprising humor, and plenty of social commentary, this is definitely a fast-paced and memorable film.

Death at a Funeral (2007)
How can you not want to see a British comedy directed by the guy who voiced Yoda (Frank Oz)? This film is hilarious, and quick to the point. If you have 90 minutes to pass, I guarantee you’ll enjoy this.
Post-Beatles Paul McCartney

– Everyone loves The Beatles. No rock band has ever tangibly influenced society to the degree these legends have. The Beatles are so iconic, that it’s sometimes easy to overlook the individual musical contributions of John, Paul, George, and yes, Ringo. Lennon usually gets all of the love for his solo work, but about a year ago I started getting into Wings. McCartney’s post-Beatles band rocks. Everyone knows “Jet,” “Live and Let Die,” “Maybe I’m Amazed” and “Band on the Run,” yet most young music fans overlook Wings when exploring classic rock. Don’t.  And while your at it, listen to McCartney’s 2007 solo album Memory Almost Full. Critics loved the record, and it reminds us all about how the world’s greatest band lives on through it’s greatest melodist.

Brendan Benson
Known by many as “the other guy who sings/plays guitar with Jack White in The Raconteurs,” Benson’s solo music is catchy and fun. He is not shy to express his admiration of the aforementioned Beatles (Check out his cover version of McCartney’s “Let Me Roll It”), and with the success of The Raconteurs and his fourth studio album due out August 24th, he will surely gain much deserved attention in the near future.

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