Avatar Feeling “The Hurt”

The Hurt Locker is a great film. Is it the best movie of 2009? No.

Avatar fell victim to its own enormity and success Sunday night. Sometimes things can be so popular that it’s unpopular to support them.

People have called “Locker” one of the greatest war films ever produced. While it may be the most intense and provocative drama of its type, the movie doesn’t match up with several similar films that didn’t take home Best Picture, including Steven Spielberg’s timeless classic Saving Private Ryan (1999 Oscars). Ironically, The Hurt Locker may not have even been the best war movie nominated this year! My vote goes to Inglourious Basterds, which I believe is writer-director Quentin Tarantino’s 3rd masterpiece film (after Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill).

Even if the Academy didn’t choose Avatar as the year’s finest, James Cameron should have been honored as Best Director for his latest sci-fi love child. Hollywood’s most innovative mind has changed the future of global cinema by pushing the boundaries of the medium. Avatar, simply for its groundbreaking visual advancements, may go down as the Citizen Kane of the 21st century.

Looking back at 2009, Avatar is the one movie that will always stand out. Unfortunately, it didn’t last night.

AVATAR left feelin' blue

AVATAR left feelin' blue

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