When in Rome…

As a local, it’s hard for me to imagine what a first trip to New York City is like for a foreigner. I’d presume one’s initial Big Apple experience is both memorably exciting and overwhelming. That’s exactly how my past weekend’s trip to Rome felt.

With only three days in this magnificent and historic city, it was definitely challenging to see everything I wanted to. Fortunately, I traveled with an organized group that allowed me to follow an intensive traveling itinerary while still being able to appreciate plenty of free exploration time.  I learned many things about Italy’s capital, but most importantly, I discovered that I am much more comfortable living in a smaller, more “walkable” city like Florence. Still, Rome is a place everyone should see at one point in their lifetime. The Colosseum, Vatican, and Trevi Fountain are three of the most amazing sites I’ve ever laid eyes on, and I feel privileged to have seen these attractions at such an early age.

American Gladiator

American Gladiator

I’m glad I was able to snap some quality photos and “Flip” my amazing experience in Rome. It’s important for me to visually document my abroad endeavors so I can share them with others. For future Rome travelers, however, I advise you to use caution when attempting to capture images from within the iconic Sistine Chapel. Even Ethan Hunt would have difficulty sneaking past the Chapel’s fleet of camera-detecting guards (I was only able to get a few seconds of footage before being forced to put my Flip back in my pocket). It’s kind of amazing how when graced with the presence of one of the most beautiful works of art ever created, people will spend more time trying to technologically record their observations than they do actually experiencing them. I was certainly guilty of it, and believe me I wasn’t alone (literally hundreds of people were told to conceal their cameras during my twenty minutes in the chapel).

My time in Europe is getting more exciting by the week. I’m planning on visiting Venice this weekend, and I’ve got a journey to Amsterdam booked for the end of the month. With all of this Carmen Sandiego-esque  traveling ahead of me, I’ll do my best to truly take everything in.

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  1. Mr. D says:

    Bank….I really enjoy reading what you write and appreciate your evolution as a writer. If I can make one suggestion: try to stay away from the following phrases and clauses: ” most amazing sites I’ve ever laid eyes on” and “most beautiful works of art ever created”. You have more control over your words now than ever before. I understand sometimes trite phrases and clauses are unavoidable, but you should try to avoid them and express yourself in a more sophisticated manner. Keep up the good work and enjoy the Mother Country!!!

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