NBA Draft Thursday

The 2009 NBA Draft is on Thursday and I couldn’t be more excited to see at least thirty of my contemporaries become millionaires over night. The draft is a celebration of young talent and the realization of lifelong dreams. It’s also, for many, a night of hope, optimism, and new beginnings. Unless, of course, you’re a New York Knicks fan.

Every year, I’ve fooled myself into believing that the doomed franchise’s savior would arrive on draft night. It’s time to be realistic. No superstar is coming to New York next season. I can only hope the organization brings in a player who will eventually contribute to making Madison Square Garden special once again.

I’d be thrilled to acquire Davidson’s Stephen Curry. I’ll be even happier if the organization somehow pulls in Spain’s 18-year-old passing phenom Ricky Rubio. While I highly doubt either will ever be up for league MVP honors, I’m confident that both could shine in the “Mecca of Basketball.” Both guards are skilled, marketable, and capable of making others better. A superstar (or two) will join the Knicks in 2010. But without players like Curry and Rubio, no team can routinely compete for championships. Knick loyalists should know this from experience.
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  1. itswatyoucrave says:

    If the Knicks are unable to acquire Curry with the #9 pick:

    1. Attempt to trade up and get Ricky Rubio. If that fails,

    2. Draft Jrue Holliday. I refuse to watch Nate Robinson guard the opposing team's PG that is at least six inches taller than he is. If that's not in the mix,

    3. Trade down and acquire Gerald Henderson. I truly believe he's a sleeper in this years draft. And my final idea,

    4. Trade this years draft pick(s) (if they acquire the 28 pick from the T'wolves)for a pick in the 2010 NBA draft. Then, tell Lebron the draft is all his, as well as the greatest city in the world, if he wants it.

  2. itswatyoucrave says:

    Knicks bought #29 pick from Lakers for $3 million

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