The (Long and Winding) Road

I just got back from seeing The Road and I was impressed by how the film stayed true to Cormac McCarthy’s Pulitzer Prize- winning novel.

While most literary adaptations are Hollywoodized, John Hillcoat’s movie preserves the integrity and intensity of the No Country For Old Men author’s 2006 work.

For those of you unfamiliar with The Road, it’s basically an apocalyptic version of Sam Mendes’s 2002 Road To Perdition. Both films study unique father-son relationships and leave you with similar feelings during the end credits.

In times where movies are “noisier” than ever, The Road brilliantly uses silence to enhance the images on the screen. While the film is quite dark, it never ceases to keep the viewer engaged and concerned about its┬áchief protagonists (two nameless “good guys”).

While The Road is not an uplifting holiday film, the story and acting performances (especially Viggo Mortensen and Robert Duvall’s) make it well-worth the price of admission.

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