Real Men of Genius: Part Two

Today we salute you, Mr. Fresh Pepper and Parmesan Cheese Grater 

(Mr. Fresh Pepper and Parmesan Cheese Graterrrrrrr)

When out for a delicious meal, you’re always by our side…generously offering your exclusive and  excessively long, brown food grinding-rod. You’re not just a waiter…you’re  far more special..always there to provide us with much needed seasoning and a reminder that our jobs aren’t really that bad after all.

(May I top your saladdddddd?)

Sure, the chef prepared this mighty feast from scratch…but  you have a monopoly over the missing ingredients culinary giants have been unable to get their hands on for years….fresh pepper and cheese. 

(Let me know whennnnnn)

Once the deed is done…you are gone with the wind….only to swoop in like Clark Kent when duty calls again.

(Your pepper’s not freshhhh)

So crack open an ice cold Bud Light, Mr. Fresh Pepper and Parmesan Cheese Grater, because a man like you truly knows how to “spice” things up a bit.

(Mr. Fresh Pepper and Parmesan Cheese Graterrrrrrr) 

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