Eggs Up in Heaven

The loss of a college friend is difficult to stomach. While the same could often be said about Fred Teller’s cuisine (especially during an infamous Beef Strogonov experiment), his tragic passing has inspired me to partially digest the incomparable father figure role he occupied in the lives of countless hungover “brothers” occupying Syracuse University’s Zeta Beta Tau kitchen.

Fred was more than a fraternity cook. He was an omniscient and outspoken campus historian, general contractor, guidance counselor, financial advisor, relationship coach, and our unofficial social chair.

He certainly wore “many coats” in 905 Walnut, few more endearing than being the devoted leader of an eclectic supporting cast of local legends/trades.

I’ll always remember his quick wit, San Francisco chronicles, and the way he routinely jumpstarted our mornings by howling his immortal “eggs up” catchphrase.

I’ll always appreciate his steadfast loyalty to plaid, TK99 classic rock radio, his ashtray, the house, “That Ethan,” and most importantly, to us. 

And I’ll never forget his improbable resilience when facing a smorgasbord of serious health challenges over the years. It sometimes felt like Fred Teller had nine lives, but in reality he lived, fueled, and touched so many more. Fare thee well.


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