Fan of Faith: Part Two

**Spoiler Alert**

After awaking this morning with a serious LOST hangover, I’ve done a lot of reflecting on last night’s finale and the entire six season journey. I’m now at peace with a story that was ultimately about individuals finding just that.

Last night, Christian Shephard explained to his son that the castaways needed each other “to remember” and to “let go.” The finale served the same purpose. It was designed to make us recall and appreciate our flawed heroes’ endeavors, while also helping us move on (to a television world without ABC’s greatest dramatic triumph).

The Benjamin Linus farewell was my favorite scene of the finale, and one of the most meaningful LOST moments we’ve ever seen. Seeing Linus understand that he was always meant to be a “Richard” (and not a “Jacob”) was a beautiful way to complete this legendary TV character’s story arch. By not joining the “Others” (this time, meaning Jack, Hurley, Sayid, Kate, etc.) inside the church, Ben reveals that he is not YET able to move past his life’s primary burden—a misguided sense of purpose. While LOST is technically complete, the story continues on, as Locke’s forgiveness and Hugo’s approval will help Ben along his new journey towards solace.


I’ll never forget last night. LOST truly is (I use present tense because it will always stay with me) a once-in-a-lifetime experience that ended without compromising itself. I believe in this story more than ever before, and have “faith” that one day most fans will too. I also have faith that there will never again be a show quite like it.

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