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Bank Shots: 2013-14 HyperVocal NBA Season Preview

I wrote 3,000 words about the upcoming NBA season because I’m extremely single. Hope you enjoy!

Dan Lauria!

Finally met my television dad. And he’s a Knicks fan! ¬†Wonderful¬†Talk Stoop afternoon w/ Mr. Jack Arnold.

Jets + Chefs: The Ultimate Tailgate

Attended a spirited New York City Wine & Food Festival tailgate (feat. Joe Namath, Mario Batali, Andrew Zimmern, & Ty Pennington). Wrote a little about it for NBC’s 1st Look. Enjoy!–Chefs-The-Ultimate-Tailgate-228944851.html

BREAKING BAD Finale Podcasts

My friend Sam and I precap & recapFelina” while also discussing Breaking Bad‘s legacy. I did it for me, but hope you enjoy!

PART 1 (Precap)

PART 2 (Recap)