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Everything’s Not LOST


Today is the two-year anniversary of ABC’s LOST finale. While the esoteric cultural phenomenon may not be the best (or most satisfying) series ever, it is undeniably my favorite television experience. Finale fans and haters should watch this On The Verge interview w/ co-creator and executive producer Damon Lindelof. It is more compelling than a Dharma Orientation tape.

A few quick thoughts:

1. I can’t believe Lindelof had to explain literal elements of the finale to this “expert.” It is made very clear that The Island was indeed “real.” Our favorite Alcoholic Father in Tennis Shoes tells us so.

2. It is possible to enjoy both The Sopranos and (U.S.) Life on Mars finales. I did. Ambiguity and clarity aren’t symbols of good and evil like Jacob and The Man in Black. They are more like Jack and Locke. One can’t be fully appreciated (or narratively effective) without the other.

3. I’m eagerly awaiting a response from The Wachowski Siblings. Apparently the Matrix sequels are the cinematic equivalents of Nikki and Paulo.

4. Sorry, Mr. Lindelof. St. Elsewhere is NOT “just a hospital show.” Go ask my former Syracuse University professor, Robert Thompson. Or read his book.

5. That’s all. Sorry, I have to go see about a girl.

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Fan of Faith

Fan of Faith: Part Two

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I’m a JIM: A Tribute to Jets Islanders Mets Fans

Check out an original video I wrote and produced w/ Tyler Gildin, Evan Krumholz, & Cody Milch. It’s a mock PSA and self-deprecating tribute to New York’s most lovable losers.

Are you a JIM? Tweet w/ the hashtag #JIMFAN to share your Jets, Islanders, & Mets experiences/thoughts/nightmares with the rest of New York’s most passionate sports fans.