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Split Double Podcast – Kim Kardashian’s “Royal” Wedding

Tyler Gildin & I discuss sex tapes and America’s obsession w/ Kim Kardashian’s wedding.

Split Double Podcast – Episode 3 (Kim Kardashian’s “Royal” Wedding) by SplitDouble

The Republican Field of Schemes

“Is this Hell. No…this is Iowa.” My take on Bachmann’s win and the Republican Field of Schemes.


Split Double Podcast – Episode 1

Check out my very first “Split Double Podcast” with comedian (and my former freshman roommate)¬† Tyler Gildin. In the premiere episode, we break down¬†Entourage and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Stay tuned for more!

Me, Tyler, and Tyler's fashionable Grandpa Herbie (circa 2009).


Split Double Podcast – Episode 1 (Intro, Entourage, Curb) by SplitDouble