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Convey it Forward

While today is the sixth anniversary of ABC’s LOST debut, tomorrow (September 23, 2010) is devoted to discovering answers far more important than what “The Island” truly was.

Social media guide Mashable and the African fundraising brand/campaign (RED) have partnered to make Thursday the first ever “Social Good Day.” This effort aims to explore the ways social media outlets can be used to inform, inspire, and unite individuals and organizations looking to change the world.

Those behind this movement hosted The Social Good Summit on Monday to kick off United Nations Week. The meeting has generated discussion and excitement for a day that will help create significant and long-lasting global reform through the digital networks we use daily.

For just over a week, Mashable and (RED) have asked their Twitter followers to post ideas for unique applications of new media and ways to support their cause. I was thrilled to see that one of my suggestions (“Wear something RED on September 23. Support Africa and our collective future”) was ReTweeted to over 1 million followers today. I’m proud and optimistic about the progress technology is allowing us to achieve.

While many believe services like Twitter highlight the mundane over the meaningful, there’s no reason both can’t coexist. We are more connected now than ever, and with great power comes greater social responsibility to mankind. At the very least, Social Good Day will be a terrific reminder of this truth.

While I frequently use social media to promote my activities, ideas, and (of course) my blog, I will now give a conscious effort to fill my 140 characters with more character. This is one way we can all be a part of change.

Can idealistic Tweeting save the world? It’s certainly a good start.


*I encourage all social media users to participate in what will surely be a monumental day. Support Mashable, (RED) and people throughout the world who need your voice.  You can start by sharing this post with your friends via Twitter, Facebook, blog, e-mail, etc.

Town & Out

In The Town, Ben Affleck successfully breaks into vaults and out of Matt Damon’s shadow. I’ve never been a big Affleck fan, but his latest directorial/starring role is a triumph. While most of Affleck’s previous acting work is quite forgettable (with the exception of his parts in Good Will Hunting and Boiler Room), he is quickly becoming Boston’s answer to New York directors Spike Lee and Marty Scorsese.

While The Town takes place near the setting of Gone Baby Gone (Affleck’s critically-acclaimed directorial debut), it  stays exciting and original throughout. An excellent supporting cast (with standouts Jon Hamm, Rebecca Hall, Chris Cooper, Jeremy Renner, Blake Lively, & Pete Postlethwaite) keeps the acting pressure off of the film’s lead, while giving audiences a dramatic view into a small breeding ground for many big-time criminals.

As a writer/director, Affleck has never shied away from his Boston roots. The Town takes this to another level. With a climactic heist scene in none other than Fenway Park (an instant classic rivaling the final bank job in Heat), the movie literally swings for the fences. It’s a homerun.

While Ben Affleck has frequently been mocked for not having as much cinematic credibility as Matt Damon (his former writing partner), it appears he’s found his niche. Ben Affleck…auteur? How do you like Dem apples?