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Cleveland Cavaliers guard Delonte West was arrested yesterday in Maryland for speeding on a motorcycle. While this reckless behavior is certainly dangerous, the former Saint Joseph’s University star made matters worse  when he was caught possessing a loaded shotgon and two handguns. In addition to making Plaxico Burress look like Mohatma Gandhi, West also seems to be a die hard fan of Robert Rodriguez’s 1992 cult classic El Mariachi, as he was carrying one of his weapons in a guitar case.

Come on, DWest. You should know better. You’ve got the most important season of your career ahead of you and now it’s unlikely you’ll see any time on the hardwood. The Cavs will certainly feel the loss of West, and this could potentially be a devastating distraction for an organization facing major crossroads next summer (also known as “The Summer of Lebron”). Sure, the New York Knicks have a diminutive, derelict point guard of their own (sorry, Nate), but this incident re-enforces a major attraction the Orange & Blue will offer King James- the chance for him to essentially start anew with whatever fools he wants to compete alongside.

Even with Shaq in the middle, I simply can’t see the Cavs winning a title next season (My money’s on the defending champion Lakers, or the deeper Celtics and Spurs). I’m starting to believe Lebron will actually come and rescue the Knicks from  a decade of despair. Hey, if the Mayans are right and the world comes to an end in 2012…I can only hope I get to see Lebron in action at Madison Square Garden for two exciting seasons.

Eric and The Sliders

Shameless plug time. Check out new music from my friends Eric & The Sliders at

It’s nice to see some local boys doing big things and these fellas are making catchy tunes any music fan can appreciate.

Real Men of Genius: Part Two

Today we salute you, Mr. Fresh Pepper and Parmesan Cheese Grater 

(Mr. Fresh Pepper and Parmesan Cheese Graterrrrrrr)

When out for a delicious meal, you’re always by our side…generously offering your exclusive and  excessively long, brown food grinding-rod. You’re not just a waiter…you’re  far more special..always there to provide us with much needed seasoning and a reminder that our jobs aren’t really that bad after all.

(May I top your saladdddddd?)

Sure, the chef prepared this mighty feast from scratch…but  you have a monopoly over the missing ingredients culinary giants have been unable to get their hands on for years….fresh pepper and cheese. 

(Let me know whennnnnn)

Once the deed is done…you are gone with the wind….only to swoop in like Clark Kent when duty calls again.

(Your pepper’s not freshhhh)

So crack open an ice cold Bud Light, Mr. Fresh Pepper and Parmesan Cheese Grater, because a man like you truly knows how to “spice” things up a bit.

(Mr. Fresh Pepper and Parmesan Cheese Graterrrrrrr) 

Wake Up Wall Post

When checking my Facebook tonight I came across this wonderful new wall post from my good friend Sam.

              “Why is it that all of you blogger punks think that once you get back to school you don’t have to post as often? I don’t have class for another two hours and I have NOTHING to do. Stop being so selfish and entertain me with your wit.”

Now, Sam and I go way back and have many things in common (including an affinity for crappy zombie films and redneck motor lodges), and I truly value his opinions and support of this site. He’s actually been around blogs far longer than I (his brother’s site “Welcome to the Real” is located on my blogroll…check it out), so I love hearing any feedback he may have.

In response to his choice words, I’ll admit that I have indeed been slacking since returning to Syracuse University last week. But, relax. It’s hard to meet the rigorous demands of The Bloglife when you’re unemployed and hungover. The abundance of leisure time in college actually inhibits creativity, and it’s taken me quite some time to find the motivation to write a new post. With classes starting (as well as my new side gig with The Daily Orange), it will undoubtedly be even more challenging to maintain a strong flow of sheer written awesomeness in the months to come. However, I will try hard to keep the wit coming.

Since giving birth to this site several months ago, I’ve learned many things (like how I’m way stranger than I ever gave myself credit for). But the most interesting discovery I’ve made deals with the very nature of blogging. A blogger’s flexibility can be either his/her greatest inspiration or biggest obstacle. Without deadlines, wordcounts, and a presiding authority figure, it’s often stressful to set and meet your own high standards. 

Sometimes you just need a good old fashioned kick in the ass to get the mind working again. 

Thanks Sam.