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Adam’s First Time: TOP GUN

Forced comedian Adam Weinrib  to watch TOP GUN for the very first time. Recorded a dangerous and foolish podcast. Great balls of fire!



Split Double Podcast: The NBA is Back

Split Double Podcast – Episode 5 (The NBA is Back) by SplitDouble

Split Double Podcast: Self-Promotion & Social Media

After an extended hiatus (and one Kardashian marriage), The Split Double Podcast is back! Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks.

Split Double Podcast – Episode 4 (Self Promotion & Social Media) by SplitDouble

Split Double Podcast – Kim Kardashian’s “Royal” Wedding

Tyler Gildin & I discuss sex tapes and America’s obsession w/ Kim Kardashian’s wedding.

Split Double Podcast – Episode 3 (Kim Kardashian’s “Royal” Wedding) by SplitDouble

Split Double Podcast – Episode 1

Check out my very first “Split Double Podcast” with comedian (and my former freshman roommate)  Tyler Gildin. In the premiere episode, we break down Entourage and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Stay tuned for more!

Me, Tyler, and Tyler's fashionable Grandpa Herbie (circa 2009).


Split Double Podcast – Episode 1 (Intro, Entourage, Curb) by SplitDouble