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First Blog

Figured it was time. Not sure if I’ll ever grow to enjoy the blog-life, but why not give it a shot? I’m cultured and opinionated, so why not take my observations and beliefs to the Internet? It’s undeniably the greatest source of information the world has ever known, so why not embrace it and contribute my small part to making it even richer in diverse thought? After all, blogging is easy! It took less than five minutes to create this site, and so far it seems very user-friendly. In addition to being easy to set-up, it’s personal! Who needs advertisers, readers, and editors directing content when you can freely run the show? Why be held down by the shackles of written communicative tradition, when you can make the rules within your own public forum?

Here’s why.

I HATE blogs because they are so easily operable, individualized, and free of standard conventions and responsibilities. Pretty much anyone can do what I’m doing at this very moment…and that deeply concerns me. Sure, blogging has paved the way for more people to speak their minds and share important ideas. Yet, while a greater capacity for free expression is a good thing, it presents serious issues. Primarily, most blogs (including this one) lack credibility. I’m not an expert on anything. The vast majority of bloggers have this in common. Because most blogs are so easily accessible, personal, and unrestricted, they lack the credibility of what previous generations unquestionably regarded as most prominent sources of knowledge and insight.  Credible professionals are being undermined by bloggers (regardless of their intentions). Many individuals seek health advice from medical blogs instead of from their actual doctors. Others get their news from blogs, putting pressure on journalists (and their respective networks/publications) to adapt to rapidly changing times. Blogs inhibit content consumers’ ability to recognize the filters which separate the credible from those lacking validity! There are probably millions of film bloggers online, yet only a small number people hold paid positions as “film critics.” There’s an obvious reason for this. These people are credible experts who know what they are talking/writing about. Sure, it’s fun to assume the role of Roger Ebert after screening a new movie…but outspoken bloggers have taken away from those whose opinions we have rightly valued most throughout our time.

Is it hypocritical to blog about one’s hatred of blogs? Fuck yes. But like most bloggers, I lack experience and knowledge relating to what I have just written about. Hopefully my blogging endeavors will change this.