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Adam’s First Time: GHOST

Forced Adam Weinrib to watch GHOST for the very first time. The podcast love inside, you take it with you.




Adam’s First Time: TOP GUN

Forced comedian Adam Weinrib  to watch TOP GUN for the very first time. Recorded a dangerous and foolish podcast. Great balls of fire!



THE REVENANT & Leo’s Celebrity

Really enjoyed my friend Evan Klonsky’s REVENANT review. Some (brief) follow-up commentary:



“Mr. DiCaprio” is so special because he’s always occupied unique territory in the dead center of a “method vs. personality star” Venn diagram.

His (Hugh Glass-esque) relentless commitment to roles never comes at the expense of a “Leoness” that isn’t clearly definable. Denzel Washington and Tom Hanks are also method/personality hybrids, but their distinguishing traits are significantly easier to distinguish.

Leo’s public persona/mystique is performance art that continues to evolve with/throughout his career. THE REVENANT is no less about celebrity than Iñárritu’s BIRDMAN.


Soul Loves

It’s been a soul-crushing week.

After weirdly eulogizing David Bowie on ★’s release date (just three days prior to his passing), Ziggy Stardust’s *first* No. 1 US album now feels Warren Zevon’s “The Wind”-esque. “I Can’t Give Everything Away” is Bowie’s “Keep Me in Your Heart.

Visiting an appropriately vibrant tribute outside The Thin White Duke’s New York apartment was a touching affirmation of the unprecedented mark he’s left personally, locally, globally, and intergalactically.


Glenn Frey was my favorite member of a uniquely talented and accomplished rock institution that has always been greater than the sum of its parts (and not solely for their unrivaled harmonies).

Don Henley’s vocals are more conventionally beautiful, but Glenn Frey may have possessed the most purely American voice I’ve ever heard. And he was good in JERRY MAGUIRE!

I last saw The Eagles back in 2014 and thought they’d soar forever. I was right.

While he wasn’t a rock star (he could certainly sing, though), losing Alan Rickman also struck a chord. Many will remember Rickman as Hans Gruber and/or Severus Snape, but I’ll always think most fondly of him as Alexander Dane in Galaxy Quest. 

This role really encompasses what made Rickman special. In this (ahead of its time) source material for a future Amazon original series, he radiates accessible and lighthearted humanity within a curmudgeonly thespian shell.

Rickman never wanted you to take him any more seriously than he didn’t take himself. By Grabthar’s hammer, by the suns of Warvan, he shall be remembered.

Bowie, Frey, and Rickman each seemed conscious and proud of their respective show business legacies and longevity.

Their mortality reminds us of our own, but their lives illuminate the beautiful ways shared creativity can connect strangers via shared pop cultural experience.

A soul-crushing week can really make the heart expand.

Bank’s 10 Favorite Movies of 2013

2013 revitalized my passion for movies. Here’s another (obligatory?) top ten list. Sorry, Gravity fans. I wouldn’t mind seeing Sandra Bullock float away.

10. Fruitvale Station Kicks your heart in the balls.

9. Dallas Buyers Club Performances more memorable than the film itself. McConaughey and Ziggy Stardust deserve all the award nominations heading their way.

8. MudSo all in on McConaughey’s surgence that I just made up a word.

7. HerJoaquin’s relationship with an operating system leaves you feeling more human. Close your eyes and feel this movie.

6. Catching FireDear Hollywood, THAT’S how you make a damn sequel. A fringe (blockbuster) masterpiece in an era plagued by franchise fatigue. So many compelling performances. Doc Narcisse and Honey Bunny!

5. 12 Years a SlaveHard to watch” is an understatement. Nursing a cinematic hangover I’m not quite sure I want to shake. Our Best Picture.

4. American HustleA Scorsese-esque American classic. Rich ensemble. Never self-indulgently clever. JLaw + McCartney = Everything

3. The Wolf of Wall StreetLeo’s Jordan Belfort is Gordon Gekko and Henry Hill’s incestuous crack baby.

2. Spring BreakersProfessor Franco guides us on a hauntingly trippy exploration of excess. Still awaiting my grandma’s review.

1. Inside Llewyn DavisAnother Coen brothers’ classic. An odyssey that ends in the same place is still an odyssey. Even more incredible when you see it in the same theater as Daniel Day-F*cking-Lewis. New York City!