Couch Tour Catharsis

Wrote about live music’s deeper meaning in the mass gathering-free epicenter of a pandemic.

Andrew Bank’s 2019 Favorites

Wrote about my favorite 2019 movies, television, records, songs, rock shows, books, theater, podcasts, and more.

Andrew Bank’s 2018 Favorites

Quick hits on some of my favorite 2018 movies, music, television, books, theater, and experiences. Happy 2019!

Adam’s First Time: PULP FICTION

Forced to watch PULP FICTION (!) for the very first time (!!!) ’cause I’m tryin’ real hard to be the shepherd.

It’s ADAM’S FIRST TIME! Episode 6!


Adam’s First Time: SCREAM

Forced Adam Weinrib to watch SCREAM for the very first time. Will Tempfer joined the pod to explain why movies make psychos more creative.